Frequently asked questions

We have collected some of the fequently asked questions in this list.
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  • In most cases: You are to early :)
    We constantly improve our service and speed to provide you with your videos as soon as possible after the show. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    Our future goal is to have your video online within a few minutes after your ride. Stay tuned. ;)
  • Another possibility?
    Maybe you're searching for your backnumber, but you're in a rail class? Try number 900 instead. ;)
  • Nice, but my video is still not there!?
    If your video is not online two weeks after the show, please contact us at
    help[at], we will do our best to find your video.
    EuroPaint 2017 Kreuth
  • At the "Euro Paint 2017 Kreuth" no video fee has been charged to the exhibitors. For this show we have made available 10 second preview clips of all videos on our site. You can select and purchase your video by adding it to the shopping cart. After payment is received you will be able to download the selected videos in HD quality.